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FAVORIT - the new exclusive magazine supplement in Germany

FAVORIT, the new 52 page supplement, will be published three times in 2023 and included in the total circulation (900.000 readers) of three premium and luxury magazines of the German Jahreszeiten Verlag: AW Architektur & Wohnen, Der Feinschmecker and Robb Report Germany.

The editorial team focuses on prestigious topics such as beauty & fashion, watches & jewelry, travel, culinary, mobility, real estate and seasonal recommendations for unique experiences and products.

Publication dates issue 1/23:  AW: 04.07.23     FE: 14.06.23     RR: 13.06.23
Publication dates issue 2/23:  AW: 08.09.23     FE: 13.10.23     RR: 28.09.23 
Publication dates issue 3/23:  AW: 03.11.23     FE: 24.11.23     RR: 30.11.23

Der Feinschmecker gains 10% more readers reaching the impressive number of 640.000

In the current AWA 2023, DER FEINSCHMECKER gained an impressive 10% of readers compared to the previous year and, with 640,000 readers, made it into the TOP 15 of the rising stars 2023! This puts DER FEINSCHMECKER in one of the top positions and confirms it again as Germany's leading culinary travel and lifestyle magazine.

AW Architektur & Wohnen reliable in total sales

AW continues to convince.  Total Sales Q II/2023 =  71.573  copies (source:IVW Q II/2023).

MERIAN - Europe´s new luxury travel magazine due on October 20, 2023

We are happy to present the first cover sample and editorial layouts of the new MERIAN. Please click on MEDIA - GERMANIA _MERIAN.

Lafer Bookazine

Il secondo LAFER Bookazine sarà in vendita il 16 novembre 2023, celebrando le festività invernali.

Der Feinschmecker e Cornelia Poletto

Per la prima volta Der Feinschmecker dedica una edizione speciale ad un personaggio famoso.  L'edizione Cornelia Poletto esce il 24 novembe 2023.

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